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The LFR Drinking Game

For those of you that play World of Warcraft, you may know the horror of dealing for hours and hours on end in the LFR’s. Have no fear, Toxxic is here to save the day!

Here are the rules:


  • For every stack of Determination (aka: “stack of stupid”) per boss fight.
  • When someone dies mid fight due to standing in something they shouldn’t be, not following simple boss mechanics, or simply, they are just AFK.
  • Every time you actually get gear, whether it’s an upgrade to you or not, as much as we love getting gold, we don’t go into an LFR to receive gold, we deal with the hell of LFR to receive some sort of upgrade!
  • When someone links a dps/healing meter. Yes. We get it. You have big dps. BIGGER THAN YO DICK!
  • When you die at any stage, for any reason INCLUDING a boss wipe. Because we all can’t be perfect, and if you spend a lot of time in LFR’s, you will die in one way or another, so may as well drink to it!


  • When a DK dies. Because who doesn’t want to celebrate that!?
  • When a boss wipe happens. And it will. No, really. it will. Get ready for A LOT of shots.
  • When someone is kicked for being AFK. Because yay! One less stupid motherfucker you have to deal with!
  • When a hunter has Aspect of the Pack on.
  • Take a shot if/when you actually finish the LFR because you’re one amazing cunt and you deserve it.

I hope everyone has fun with this, and remember to drink responsibly, and keep lots of snacks nearby because you’re gonna get hungry about half way through one LFR.

Good luck! :3


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